Diamond Dynasty Info Series (1 of 6) - Introduction
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Diamond Dynasty juggles aspects of team management, player progression, and online competition, with more creative freedom than any sports game to date.

Gamers create a team from scratch by customizing their team's location, name, colors, uniforms, and logos, all of which can be edited freely at anytime. Once created, the team is given a handful of MLB baseball cards and Dynasty baseball cards that, when activated, add the players to your team roster.
The fundamentals of Diamond Dynasty revolve around the difference between MLB and Dynasty cards and the unique systems that support each type.

A Dynasty player is a long-term investment that requires training similar to that of a 'Road to the Show' player. Dynasty players are supplemented with an award/achievement system that unlocks unique uniform patches.

MLB players are short-term investments that slot into your roster ready to play at their current attribute levels. Completing collections of MLB players will reward you with Budget bonuses.

Budget is used to train players, purchase Card Packs (Dynasty or MLB), and purchase cards from other users. Most of your Budget is earned by playing either Head-to-Head online games, or VS. CPU against MLB teams. Head-to-Head games are matched and ranked using an ELO rating system that most competitive online games now use in some form. Every fifth game played, your team is reevaluated for placement into one of five competitive divisions in Diamond Dynasty: Spring Training, Season Series, Division Series, Championship Series, and World Series.

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