MLB 12 The Show - Improved Load Times
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Hey MLB The Show fans! Something that has been frustrating for both you the consumers and us here with the MLB development over the last couple years has been the lengthy load times that we all experience trying to get into games. Such load times are largely due to the massive number of detailed animations, uniforms, stadiums, and player faces that are required to be loaded and utilized for each game. This is especially troublesome in a mode like Road to the Show, because it requires the user to jump in and out of games, often changing stadiums and teams, at a high frequency. This year, though, we have taken a major step to reduce these load times so you can get in and play ball much quicker.

In the past, when you threw in your MLB The Show disk for the first time, you had to perform a 5GB install onto the hard drive of your PlayStation 3 system, which essentially made it so only the most critical files of the game were quickly accessible by your system. This meant that when loading into a game, a considerably large amount of information had to be pulled off the disk itself, and thus the slow load times. Realizing that this was really having an impact on the overall experience of playing MLB The Show, especially in RttS, we petitioned this year to be allowed to include a 10GB install option. What this 10GB install does is allow you to place more of the critically important information of MLB 12 The Show, such as all of the stadiums and uniforms, directly on your PlayStation 3ís hard drive so they can be accessed and loaded much quicker than before. The 5GB install is still an option and may be perfectly suitable for you if you tend to play exhibition games where you are not changing teams and stadiums frequently. However, if you are a big Franchise or RttS player, where uniforms, stadiums, and players are changing constantly from game to game, the 10GB install will most likely be the way to go.

Here are some numbers to give you all a feel for what the differences are in load times between last year and this year, as well as between the 5 and 10GB installs. Last year with MLB 11, load times were typically around 25-45 seconds, depending on if things like stadiums and uniforms were or were not used in the userís previous game played. This year, with the 10GB install, load times are consistently coming in at 15-18 seconds, which we feel is a considerable improvement. It is now much less time consuming to jump in and out of games in RttS, which definitely makes that mode a lot more fun and less grueling. We also have made some tweaks to what the 5GB install will include this year, which in turn improved its load times to around 20-35 seconds, again depending upon what was loaded in the last played game. We are definitely happy that we have been able to improve the load times for MLB 12, but we are also always working to get better in this realm. So for now, we will get back to working on more ideas for next year.
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I installed the 10gig version, on March 5th.. Just because I knew it had to be faster in something.. but was fully unaware of what were the 5gig VS 10gig differences..Until I came across this post.. (May not be 100% accurate but fairly close to the time factor.

MLB 12 the ShoW
- Initial Install Time: 5GB takes around 10 mins, 10GB about 20 minutes.
- Boot to main menu: 5GB takes 45 seconds vs 10GB 47 seconds.
- Load into exhibition game: 5GB takes 41 seconds vs 10GB 23 seconds
- Out of exhibition to menu: 5GB takes 16 seconds vs 10GB 14 seconds
- Load into saved Franchise: 5GB takes 6 seconds vs 10GB 6 seconds
- Load into saved RTTS: 5GB takes 7 seconds vs 10GB 7 seconds
- Load into RTTS game: 5GB takes 36 seconds vs 10GB 26 seconds
- Out of RTTS to menu: 5GB takes 18 seconds vs 10GB 19 seconds[

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