New Signature Animations
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Hey MLB The Show fans,

Itís time for some of the really fun stuff; new signature player animations! This year, the MLB development team has put in dozens of hours in the motion capture studio to bring you over 240 new signature, or player-specific, animations, including over 150 batting stances, over 75 pitching motions, and 16 home run celebrations.

To determine which batting stances and pitching motions to capture, we first went through all of our existing signature animations to find ones that were stale or outdated. Many of those existing animations were recaptured, including batting stances for players like Albert Pujols and Adrian Gonzalez (he came in and did his own), and pitching animations for veterans like Josh Beckett, Mariano Rivera, and Jose Valverde. After we had taken care of sprucing up our existing signature animations, we compiled a list of rising stars, both batters and pitchers, who needed their own styles in MLB The Show. Batting animations for many up-and-comers such as Brett Lawrie and Eric Hosmer. On the pitching side, Rookie of the Year winners Jeremy Hellickson and Craig Kimbrel, along with other rising arms like Jordan Walden and Michael Pineda were captured.

Also, new to MLB 12 are new signature home run celebrations. We thought about which hitters really stood out when it came to looking smooth after launching a no-doubter into the bleachers. The list was narrowed down to 16, a number we are excited to expand on in future years, including the likes of Jose Bautista, Matt Kemp, Prince Fielder, David Ortiz, and Ryan Howard. Feel free to watch these home run follow-throughs, bat flips, skips, and trots over and over again in Replay.

We hope you all really enjoy finding and checking out all 240+ new signature animations, on top of the hundreds of existing ones, in MLB 12 The Show. We had fun making them happen and know you will have even more fun playing with them.

Below are just a few examples of the new signature animations that were added this year.



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Pre-Historic MLB Titan

Signature animation will always be a key ingredient. As it only adds more excitement & longevity to playing.

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Default animations

Could you guys please update the catchers equipment it looks pretty stale! Also why not give the catchers some love and give there defensive stances and set ups, like some sig animations ie Russell Martin, Buster Posey, Yadier Molina, Mike Napoli, Jeff Mathis, Joe Mauer! The Generic catcher set up is looking old, must be in the game since the ps2 days!
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Lightbulb Carlos Pena & Robinson Cano

They both have a nice Signiture Home run swing. Please look in to it.
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For John Buck he has those hockey style catchers masks an they have the decals and all that. They should have hat to update cather gear.
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Default Drop the SHOWboating

Yes the signature animations are great for those that use them, but also, could you look into the players the don't dance around after they hit a homer such as Derek Jeter, Martin Prado, Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton, and many others that play the game right. I understand that all you guys are doing is adding een more realism to an already almost true to life experience. But I really would appreciate having the signature home run trots of those that put their head own and act like they've been there before. Thank You devs, though for all the hard work that put into this game to make it the best available and the best ever!
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Default Legends mode

Could you guys at the show considering doing a legends mode say if I was playing with babe Ruth I would want to Play as him and try to match his stats and the cool part I would think is u only Play against teams and players and stadiums that existed during your legends career and since in babe Ruth's time u would play in black and white thank you I love your game 2k can't touch the show can't wait till 13 hope is see a legends mode and the only thing I don't like about the show is the rtts goals and how much they affect u I think I u complete Your goals you should get extra points and If u don't them no harm accept u missed out on points thank u
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