MLB 12 The Show - Price Drop - $29.99 PS3; $19.99 Vita
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The most realistic baseball game available just got a lot more affordable. MLB 12 The Show is now just $29.99 for PS3 and $19.99 for Vita.

Where to buy?



MLB 12 The Show - Available Now!

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That's pretty cool. I can now push friends' harder to purchase the game, (Woohoo)
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This doesn't help anyone on the forums... why?..wait for it... wait for it.. they already have the game.
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Originally Posted by Whisper47 View Post
This doesn't help anyone on the forums... why?..wait for it... wait for it.. they already have the game.
I'm getting it next week.
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I paid 69 bucks Canadian for it in May to retaliate I'm posting this scowl.

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I play on both xbox and ps3 and I had MLB 12 for the Vita and I made the dumb mistake of buying MLB 2k12. Just last week I got it for Ps3 for $40 and glad Im did.

MLB 12 best baseball game ever!!
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Thumbs up MLB 12 The Show

MLB 12 The Show Number #1 best baseball game in the world
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LOL that guy that said we already have it if we are on the forums. Sure we do, but I can't be the only one with kids that has to replace the disks at least once during the year. If I could just remember to get em with a warranty at WallyWorld I'd only have to send the broken disk away and wait to get it replaced. Nah, for 30 bucks I'll just pick up another copy.
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