Ranked Seasons Linedup


Hey guys need ya’ll advice on my lineup.. doing a little switch up -

I have Nolan Jones, Gorman & Marsh that I’n throwing into my lineup. Also just got barry Larkin at short (took out Hanley) playing sanberg at 2nd. Now i was thinking putting didi at 3rd with Jones at right.. do you think this could work? I dont personally like didi at 3rd cus of arm strength but cant put him at ss or 2nd & Jones at right is shakey to me. Good arm strength but slow speed.. my other idea was to leave didi on the bench with jones at 3rd


I wouldn't worry about arm strength at third, it doesn't matter nearly as much as you might think. Go Larkin at short, Didi at third, Sandberg at second, Gorman at first, and Jones in right.

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