Live series market prices.


To be honest I do not see any of the high tier lives series dropping in value in the near future. Seeing that there is a live series event coming up. Discuss


The highest tier of diamonds (90-95) are so expensive because they’re 1. Gateways to the live series collections and 2. Aren’t as easily obtainable as 85-89’s, who you can farm reliably either by winning 9 games in BR or winning 12 games in the event - both of which are difficult, but doable for a decent amount of players. 90-95’s can only be obtained reliably by winning 12 games in BR, which is pretty difficult in itself.

The event likely won’t have any effect on their value or anybody else’s for that matter, since live series is obviously by far the most common set in the game and it’s relatively easy to put together a good and cheap team of them.

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