Hal or Ricky?


Need help deciding on Hal or Ricky for my 💎 level 40 pack. Starting Rotation is Klubot, 95 Snell, Wright, Graterol, and Mize. Thanks fam.


I’ve got Rickey, not a fan.


Easy choice. Hal


Hit gold 60 earlier and was deciding between Hal and Ricky. Went Hal, can be used for the main and Kenny lofton looks be better than Ricky potentially


Hal and Kluber keep me in games against teams that are much better than mine in RS. Hard not to choose an elite pitcher there.


The order of who to take in that pack without bias is easily:

  • Kluber

  • Rollie or Hal (depending on if you need pen help or rotation help)

  • The other one of Rollie and Hal

  • McCovey for a bench bat

  • Henderson because he's probably your 3rd best bench bat against lefties so is basically a glorified pinch runner, not much better than Mondesi

Basically I'm saying take Hal

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