85ovr DD league HOF


Hit me up if your interested in joining a 16 team DD 85 Ovr HOF league.

We’re a bunch of older people ranging from 25-50 years old. We have about 10 active guys and we’re looking to replace a few of the non actives. We are playing for a cash prize at $10 a person but you won’t have to worry about that fee until the start of next season.

Hit me up on PlayStation are leave your PSN below.



How are people suppose to trust complete strangers for a $10 fee (any $ fee for that matter) for cash prize league? It’s sounds fun but completely suspect as some shady commissioner could screw say 9 players ($90) just like that by booting them. If there was a secure way to do this that would be dope but no thanks... Can’t put that kinda trust into a complete stranger


I understand where your coming from but the money helps people stay active and gives people an incentive to stick around if they are winning or losing. Plus it’s only $10 not like it’s a $100. It’s the only way you can get a group of people that are willing to stay competitive and active for years to come.

For example I’m in a madden online franchise that’s been together since madden 16. $20 entry. I put my trust into a stranger and now some of the people in that league are some of my good friends and we look forward to our madden league every year.

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