DD Uniforms

I know we have the home and away uniforms, but I would like to have the option of having alternates as well. Sure we can always edit the home and away uniforms, but I like having the option of choosing to use the alternates.

Agreed. I'd love to have the option of creating 4 uni sets and selecting 2 to rotate at any time. Sometimes I want to refresh the uni but building it back the way it was would be too much of a pain.

Agreed with more uni choices. Also, they need to add more uni options:
Numbers with more outlines and shadows
Multi color options on jersey stripes (two color needs to go to three color)
Shoulder logo option (for patches)

An option to put a logo patch on the shoulder sleeve would be great!

Alternates would be really really cool. Perhaps give the game a 25% chance of selecting alternate jerseys for the game for both teams, would be neat.

I agree - 2 home and 2 away options would be great

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