This game trolls me at times (Dawson Moments)


So the first Dawson moment is to hit a home run. I try and try and try but I can not hit one. Everything off his bat is a line drive. I get plenty of hits and lots of doubles but if I get the ball into the air it does not have the distance to go over the wall. I try zone. I try Directional. Zip.

I lose count of the number of restarts and the number of games I try on.

Okay, I will go into the next mission "Get seven hits with 2 XBH in four games". I go 5-5 in the first game with, you guessed it, the home run that I could not buy in the previous moment. I end up finishing this 7 hit multi-game moment in 7 at bats.


That's what happened to me with the 7 hits 2 xbh moment. I restarted a bunch of times and finally got to only needing 1 more xbh but couldn't get it. Went to the next moment which is I think get 4 tb or something on All Star. First ab, got a double.

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