Stadium Creator Idea for MLB the Show 21


I've been thinking recently about how SDS could implement stadium creator in online DD and franchise mode for next year. I got a great idea that I want them to consider.
First, in online DD, I think the stadium creator could be an XP reward path item. Once reaching level 1 silver, you can first start to create your stadium. This stadium would have default dimensions and default shape so that gameplay in the stadium would still be fair. At silver 1, you could choose the location of the stadium (desert, downtown, grassland, or in a suburban area). You could also choose things that wouldn't affect gameplay such as bullpen location (ex: along the foul lines or behind the outfield wall) , the type of scoreboard, the shape of the seating, etc. At the start, you would get a basic number of seats such as 5,000 to start. At like silver 50, you could extend the lower bowl of seats and add a second deck to make the capacity 15,000.
At gold 1, you could add maybe another 10,000 seats. You could then choose if you want to either extend the lower bowl, extend the second deck, or add seats in the outfield. At gold 50, sort of the same thing. Another addition of seats that can now make it possible to have a third deck.
At Diamond 1, this is what I was thinking. It could be possible to add some things that make other stadiums special. It could be another type of unlockable. It would be possible to add a royals type scoreboard, brewers slide, angels rock formation, dodgers scoreboard, ivy along the walls, etc to your own stadium. At diamond 50, you could earn another 10,000 seats where you could add two levels to the outfield stands or add to the lower bow, middle deck, or third deck making the capacity at 45,000
At Prestige 1, you could add more unlockables to the stadium, change the color of the walls, and change the name of the stadium from “username’s stadium” to whatever you want. At levels 25, 50, and 75, you add another 5,000 seats each level until your stadium is a total of 60,000 fans (this could be the cap on the capacity) Finally, at prestige 100, you would then be able to change the dimensions of the stadium within a certain range. (ex: centerfield minimum distance 390 ft, maximum 430ft, the corners a min of 325ft, a max of 340) and would be able to choose a final shape of the outfield. For example, you can choose if you want straight walls like a fenway or rounded wall like a yankee stadium that would conform to the dimension you choose.
In franchise mode, you would be able to do all of these things once the relocation/rebranding process has begun.
I think another option can be to have stadium creator as a playable mode where you can play around with designs, save them, and then use them in franchise.


I know this is long winded but I really wanted to go in depth with my idea. Hopefully some of the devs can see this and consider it. Please add anything that you think stadium creator should have or if some of the things I suggested wouldn't be fair


How about they concentrate on

  1. Hitting
  2. Pitching
  3. Fielding

Then maybe this

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