Facing Wood at the Polo Grounds and Carson Kelly smashes one in the gap...rounds third and scores but third basemen drops ball And gets charged with an error...scored triple and an error....I can deal with that.

Before reading this I realize I am getting better but not best hitter...just don’t need the computer to help me lose.

Next inning Gurriel smashes one to the Gap, does not stop running and scores with what the announcer said was an inside the park homerun....(he said that on Carson Kelly’s too)....no error on the play the cutoff man caught it and underhanded it to the the second cutoff man beside him. Ruled a triple....no error on the play? But also no homer? Duke snider up next and to me Good/Good smashes a ball, crack of the bat was loud pulls to the warning track which what? 240ft?

Later in same showdown, facing wood and the dodgers again...3rd inning and Soler hits a ground rule double to end the game? There was no out on the play and I got defeated because I didn’t have a homer yet....but only had 2 outs...??

What’s your weirdest loss in a showdown or game?