I am 2-4 in Ranked Seasons (with one disconnect for some reason while I was ahead). I was extremely excited when I first played post-patch, but now I am just confused. I have had four home runs against me with Good/Okay PCI result with 3 of the exit velocities being below 90 mph, and one was at 94 mph. My perfect-perfect in those games have been .500 (5-10) with one game I only scored one run on 9 hits (0-3 on perfect-perfect).

My last game:
The second inning, Joe Carter, takes Blake Snell (95 overall) deep on a Good/Okay swing with an exit velo of 89 mph. While I am over with good/squared up at 105 mph, just lining to the fielders. I turned on an up and in a fastball that was just early/squared up at 107 mph exit Velo, go foul with Chipper Jones. For about five innings, it felt like my PCI result did not matter at all. Then I finally get a good-good with Giambi for a two-run HR and then just early-squared up with Sheffield for back to back homruns. Then the PCI result is gone again. No other scoring for me despite this one lucky inning.

I'm leading 3-1 going into the 9th with his only run being the Carter HR...Gary Sanchez hits a ball to the bermuda wall so my CF (Luis Robert) can't lock onto the ball for a triple. Eddie Matthews on a 0-2 count hits a just early/okay HR that just squeaks over the fence. Fast forward to 11th inning-- 2 outs Minoso his a good/okay single to left and then Chipper Jones no-doubts a HR.

I lose again. 14 hits, 3 runs, 17 LOB, and saw 25 more pitches at 158 total seen. 2-3 on perfect-perfect with the batting analysis saying 1one perfect-perfect was foul, which results it 2-4 then.

I'm just so confused on what I'm doing wrong. Maybe it's cause I'm in a all-star difficulty, but I'm not a newb to this game. I've played religiously since 17 pretty much, other then a few months in the winter. RS record is 42-25. I'm 17-19 over my last 36 games.