I suck pitching with Kluber


Ok so I’m an ok player. Currently 31-6, against not elite competition- at 670ish so far.

Kluber is, by far, my worst pitcher. Both SP and relievers. I try sinkers high, low ect. I’m ok with his slurve and cutter. I have a 7 era with him. My 2nd highest is around 3.

Any advice? Anyone great at using him? I’ve heard he’s so amazing, so I feel like I’m missing something.


Throw sinkers and cutters to where they come in at the same spot before they break. This should leave your opponent guessing if it’s a sinker that will dive in and jam them or if it’s a cutter that will break into the zone for a strike. You can also get them so stuck on this mind game that they’ll look silly when you throw a slurve or changeup.

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