Played 14 innings this morning


Woke up and 5 and couldnt sleep so I decided to see what the game was like after it being absolutely terrible since the patch. I went 3-0, all 3 opponents quit (1 after I hit a hr in the first inning haha). But here is what I am seeing:

The game feels like its being played in fast forward, why? Especially the fielders running to get to balls. The animations are not fluid at all.

Why does Pearson's 102 and Snell's 97 look exactly the same in terms of speed and how fast it gets to the pate?

Why does Snell throw an 81mph change when his change for the past 2 years has been between 86 and 88? I assume you just ignored Brooks Baseball that would give you accurate pitch speeds?

Why are half of the offspeed pitches (especially the ones aimed middle low out of the zone) showing ZERO movement. This is in no way accurate. Snell threw me a curve in the zone that looped like a curve, then one that was middle low out of the zone and it went in a straight line.

When are you getting rid of the ball magnetizing to middle middle? Its beyond ridiculous at this point.


Go back to bed...


Next game

Why am I late on Kluber's 94mph fastball after on time and early on Pearson and Snell? Zero consistency from game to game.


Nah it’s just you. Don’t post anymore you just look dumb

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