Friendlies wanted....Looking to improve my game

I looking to improve my game prior to MLB20. So I am looking for friendlies. I am not the best player. But I am willing to play anyone to improve my game. Your rating does not matter. But the higher the better. The games would be played on HOF. But I am also willing to give legend a try. So if you want to help a brother improve his game. Don't care if you are the worst player or Pitching Rebel...Let's play. My user name is my PSN and I am on 9pm to about 1130 pm west coast time during the week and mid days / evenings on weekends.

I'll play on legend

@mitchhammond24 said in Friendlies wanted....Looking to improve my game:

I'll play on legend

Send me a friend request and if we are both on at the same time. I am up for a game. Thanks for the help.

I’m a west coaster on about the same times as you and all my friendlies currently are with east coasters, so I’m game.

I’ll be down for a friendly

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