How about a story?

Why cant we have a story like Madden or 2K? Instead of monotone "uncle bob" narrating the life of a young ball player year after year. Quit the copy and paste RTTS every year and let's add some real content to this mode.

We have Trevor. All we need bro.

Honestly, thats all I used to do every year play Road To the Show!! But now I transfered to Dymond Dynasty because I felt that RTTS has been the same forever!! Please MLB The Show include a Story for RTTS like in 2K!! I believe the community would love it!! And would be major change to the mode!! It would attract more people, and those who have left the mode for similar reasons that I Have, would return in a heart beat!!! Please make it happen!!!

I love what they how they have improved on it so far, but a story would definitely take things to the next level.

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