Drag Bunting to the 2nd Baseman Defense


Bunting is actually quite easy to guard against this year, but from what I have encountered online almost everyone I play against is either too stupid or too lazy to employ the right defense.

Bunting for a hit is very easy when bunting to the right side. Most of the time the ball will go right to the second baseman but the second baseman will get locked into a slow throwing animation or jog in towards the ball instead of sprinting in like an actual person.

The way to combat this is to open up your defensive positioning menu and scroll down to the specific position setting. Take only your second baseman and change his depth to "In". This will allow him to easily field and throw out any would be bunters. Not only is he pushed in closer to the bunted ball, but the fact that he is "In" seems to cause him to more consistently be rewarded with good, quick fielding animations.

Do not worry about your second baseman being more prone to letting hard grounders go past him due to his positioning closer to the batter, with the amount of fly balls and line drives in the game online I have found that to happen only twice and many times if my opponent shows bunt with their leadoff hitter I will go ahead and set my defense up in this "shift" for the rest of the game. I would rather risk giving up a ground ball single than a constant barrage of cheap bunt hits.

Any feedback, suggestions?


Good suggestion I played guy who would do this with the few lefties he had in the lineup as he played with the Yankees

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