Developers out of touch with community


It's like these guys don't hear the feedback all they want you to do is buy cards virtual cards at that, same way you did on 19, 18 so far and so on just to continue to deliver poor product anything that's getting patched and updated every 2 weeks is a poor product the show lacks content and have no balance

where is Cooperstown? What do they teach u about baseball in this game?


Haha online casuals don't care about Baseball, they care about collecting cards and creating their fantasy team so they can brag and play with their friends online. I'm guessing 60% of them have never been to a baseball game or don't even watch baseball, this is video game to them and baseball is in the background and card collecting and playing games as homerun derbys is all they care about. That's why Franchise hasn't been touched in so long, nooby online casual just wants to play Super Mega Baseball with card collecting. Look at what the main topics are....Stubs, who they pulled today, when is the next stub sale, why doesn't Perfect/Perfect give me a homerun automatically, quests and XP bla bla bla.

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