Cy Young

I finally got him, listed him for 190k to sell. Decided to pull him off the market to see if he’d get selected to pitch. And he did. Stat line:

9IP 2 Hits (1 error/animation BS hit 1 bloop ichiro hit). 4 BB (3 were intentional) 7ks. Only faced 28 batters.

My opponent was 287-177 i think it said? He had the GOAT bat, Chipper, Babe Ruth, pretty good lineup. I was rated 844 and he was 824.

So my question is should I keep him? Is he hard to hit off? Or should i sell him? Maybe buy him back later or were will he settle? I see scherzer still around 175k. (Regret not continuing to pursue getting him).

If you wanted to sell him and buy him back, you should have already done it. His price is only going to drop as more and more of his cards show up. I don't know where he'll wind up at, but I would think he would drop to at least 80. As for Scherzer, I have no idea why people are paying so much, other than people have a thing for current players; he's certainly not even remotely worth it in comparison to other SPs on the market.

I bought Young yesterday for 160, as I didn't want to wait any longer. He's had 2 cpu starts for me, and I've been pretty happy with him, something I can't say about the vast majority of pitchers in this game. Feller's wild [censored] was tossed to the curb, leaving me with:
I'd still like to replace the bottom 3, but looks like that won't happen.

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