Online matches


Its a little tiring and frustrating that the game always sets a match up with an opponent many times more ranked than you. Im only in silver rankings going up against someone in prestige. Im sorry but there should an equal playing field as far as matchmaking. These people have a lineup that i wont be able to get until im at there ranking level and i feel that this is unfair.


XP ranking does not represent how good you are! I am diamond 4 and I know I would lose to people that are still bronze or silver. When I was silver I remember beating some diamond players; it just shows how much you play., don't let it affect you.

Also, just checked and see you have almost 200 RS games. Grind showdowns and offline to get more XP and better players. I would give you an advantage in an online matchup against me with only around 50 RS games.

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