1. Show our postseason/playoff stats for our rtts player. 2k does this. It makes playing in the playoffs/world series pointless if you can’t look back on stats.

  2. Show batting stats for rtts pitcher like homeruns, rbi, and hits. For some reason SDS only shows pitching stats. Also Breaking records should show which player you surpassed, not just a total number of the most rbi's, homeruns, and basehits. Show every player who has the top 20 records for these categories.

  3. Show actual rings/trophies/awards our rtts player has earned like in a display case.

  4. Commentary and cut scenes during a game needs to be more involved with our rtts player. Often times the commentators are always talking other players more than our rtts player. For example in real life I remember in the playoffs all the commentators talked about was Juan Soto. I want my player to be the hot topic of each game, sure you can talk about the overall team or other players but make my rtts player more of the main topic. Even if he is slumping I still want you to talk about how bad he has been playing etc. Same thing with records. If he is currently on his way to pass someone in numbers I want to hear that.

  5. Allow us to talk to our agent whenever about getting traded, changing positions, batting lineup, pitching rotation, making recommendations for team, etc.

  6. The dynamic challenges as well as the simulation screen and relationship interactions should be put in settings to turn off or on because these can get annoying really fast if you're playing a whole season. These features slow down the experience of playing rtts.

  7. Removal of locker room sound effect? or put it in settings to turn off or on. Can we finally go back to hearing our music at the same volume as other modes? Rtts is the only mode that has this effect which makes the music lower in volume. I rather hear the music better and louder.

  8. There needs to be a tendency frequency system so players like Kershaw and Trout don’t retire so quick. After 4-6 seasons the rtts mode is filled with alot of created players who look just like me. Same thing with trades in rtts. Alot of times all the good players on every team ends up scattered on different teams. Trades needs to be at a minimum and realistic. Can't forget the managers as well. If a manager had a decent/good season they should be coaching the same team for years not end up on a new team every season.

  9. Add face scans? which is long overdue. Every popular sports game has it except San Diego Studios. 2k and EA had it years ago. If not, at least use real face presets for each ethnic group cause the created players look nothing like the MLB players ya'll put in the game. Our rtts players look very lifeless and cartoonish. Needs
    detail if that makes sense.

  10. The cpu scoring in rtts is very unreal. A lot of the times when you are on a team the cpu seems to have a way to comeback from every game you appear in. The comeback scoring needs to be adjusted. The cpu seems to always come back from a lead 2-3 times in one game. Teams don't do that in MLB baseball every game. Example: the team you play for can make the score 10 (your team) to 5 (the cpu) and the cpu will score 10 more runs making it 10 to 15 late in the game. Please fix this. I'm not saying this doesn't happen but every game this is not supposed to happen. Makes rtts feel like an arcade game.

  11. Fix the shifting in rtts and other modes. All we should see is the cpu running with two feet, not a shift closer to the ball. Whenever us the user hits a ball deep or hit a ball anywhere on the field the cpu somehow magically catch it for an out. Realistically the ball should have hit the ground or bounced in their glove. Stop giving the cpu an advantage over the user.

Miscellaneous stuff:

  1. Strike zone should be all sharp square light grey, like the actual broadcast games in MLB. Same thing with the ball icon, it should be a circle outline. Gives it more of a real life broadcast feel.

  2. Pitching animations are way too slow compared to the actual pitching styles of these players. I feel like they need to be a bit faster. I could be wrong though. Also would be cool to customize pitching.

  3. Players in the game should have a option of wearing no undershirt like Bryce Harper in real life.

  4. Foul balls should be more catchable in the area of fans. Outfielders or infielders don’t make a effort to catch. And if they do they aren’t running at full speed like you see in a real MLB game. I’m only talking about players who actually have speed to catch foul balls far away from them.

  5. More emotions are needed to add life to players. Example: Hat/helmet tipping, breaking bats after a bad at bat, yelling/pumped up after getting on base late in the game because you haven’t batted well, etc.

  6. Replays need to be better. Use replays like the ones broadcasted in major league baseball games like the one shown below. Also would be cool to choose the type of replay angles/views we want to see them in.

  7. Often times playing rtts there's always equipment like gloves, bats, glasses, elbow guards, shin gaurds, etc going through players. Please fix this. This has been in the game since forever. I'm not sure if this issue is in franchise or other modes.