Immersive story rtts

Rtts needs to allow you to get drafted by someone thats not the orioles and needs to add a slightly more immersive story

You can choose what team drafts you.

What it really needs is NBA 2K level voice acting to give us the real experience. Everyone needs to be as realistically monotone as possible speaking in a way they've never spoken before if I'm going to get truly invest

Please don't ask for more stuff. They haven't even finished with the stuff they added already. Like the cell phone/agent thing. Newsflash cell phones are used for outgoing calls also. Social media that does nothing and personality that is awful. Like complimenting an AL RP about his batting ah duh and when you advance everything on all personalities is filled so what personality are you supposed to be? Either finish these thing or eliminate them and let's get back to playing BASEBALL. If you are going to have interaction with teammates then have a voice like in other games. If you are going to restrict my player type then restrict personality to the one I chose. For those that want the salary to mean something let me remind you this is a fantasy mode. The money is fantasy!!

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