Pitching is stupid. And must be fixed

Years ago when I started this game the tutorial on pitching told me that when you throw a pitch with perfect timing it will go right where you want it. What ever happened to that?
Last night, or this morning.. I lost a game where I had 7 hits into the 4th inning. Amazingly no runs. And countless balls smashed to infielders. I swear I must have crushed every ball right into the ground. What a shame I felt so good at the plate.
In the 4th inning this horrible player got a bloop hit. Then I throw a Perfectly timed fastball on the up and in black. But because he went to fake bunt this pitch rode up and in and hit him? Like are you kidding? Then the next batter gets 0-2 and I go ahead and throw 4. Yes 4 perfectly timed fastballs with Verlander ALL of which where intended to be in the strike zone and I walk him!! Not one was a strike. The next batter same thing. Perfectly thrown slider goes in the dirt for ball one. Then this loser decides to fake bunt with mike trout and AGAIN a PERFECT fastball rides up and in and hit him to walk in a run.
This is a joke and must be fixed. It is hard to get perfect pitch timing as it is. I couldn’t believe how many I got in a row that inning and not ONE was a strike. I’m not the best hitter so when I pitch properly it should work properly.
I am a SS. I play thru the ball and throw from all types of moving angles. When I make my throw, whether I have my target in my eyesight or not, I know by how the ball rolls of my fingers if it going where I throw it. I would assume that’s what would be happening with perfect pitch timing. But the ball goes wherever the heck it wants to. In real baseball when you do things perfect. You get good results much more than not.
Btw sry for the long rant and I immediately rage quit. It was 4am and I was so mad.

Where have you been? This is old news, lol.

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