Known MLB DD Players

Curious if there are any known active or former MLB players who play DD. Anyone know?

Blake Snell, Trevor May on the top my head.

Alex Claudio plays, there was a Reddit post about someone playing him

Carlos Asuaje.

In NHL it's easy to see a lot of the time. Theres full farm systems and even European league cards in hut. If you have a card in the game EA gives you a untradeable 99 version of yourself with maxed stats across the board. Pretty neat to check someone's team after a game and see it was a real life pro.

I’m pretty sure Vlad jr plays too

Seager played during his injury I think. Not sure if he played DD tho

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Javier Baez plays

Derek Holland, Sam Tuivalala, Brett Phillips, and a few others have streamed on Twitch.

Gary Sanchez

Pretty sure Donaldson does too, or that might’ve just been when he was on the cover.

Most are too busy playing Fortnite

Idk if I count since I'm only in the minor leagues.

@Rusty-_-Rod said in Known MLB DD Players:

Gary Sanchez

Of course he'd be playing video games instead of working out in the gym, typical gary.

Anyone who is young and grew up with a Play Station plays this game in my opinion. I know when I used to play, this game was like a drug, I just love playing it after practice. So these young guys who are coming up in sure they play this game.

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