New DD Custom League with a twist


**** I am putting $100 in for the prize pool to get this started right!!***

I’m starting a new 16 team DD custom league with a 30 game season (play everyone twice). Communication will be ran through discord. The twist is each entrant in the league will choose an MLB team and only use players of that team. The cards used to fill the roster can be live series (obviously), Face of the Franchise, or any other kind used in DD. To keep parity across the league, teams will have an overall cap of 87 and each team can only have one 97+ position player and one 97+ pitcher. The rest of the players are made up of future stars, live series, get it. I went through the process of building rosters with almost every team and the cap keeps all teams competitive.

It’ll be on HOF batting and pitching with 9 inning games. 8 teams make the playoffs.

Please respond to this thread if interested and I’ll get the discord server out to everyone. Looking forward to getting this going!!


I’d be down to join this


Send me the invite if there is any spot left

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