Selling flashback/legend inventory


I wanted to do the big collection this year, but I’ve really only played offline content very rarely lately. School, life, that kind of stuff. Got a decent amount (50%ish) in most collection departments and Mantle done. I think I might sell a few higher cards that I got for cheap during a headliners sale or sell some 10k+ golds (already sold Juan Pierre for 90k lol). Wanted to do the big collection, but I’ve played maybe 2 non afk hours the past three weeks. Anyone else feeling similar?


I'm just gonna wait to see who the collection reward is before I buy/sell anything. Mainly because there are only 2 or 3 players who are not already in the game that I would break the bank for, and I doubt the collection reward will be any of those... but I could be wrong.


I am more than prepared for it, If it costs more then the stuff I have, no card outside of Barry Bonds is worth it.

If it's an amazing card, I can feel nice knowing I don't have to scramble to the market

If it's a card I don't care for, I'll sell off some inventory (Prices will probably drop a bit if it's not an amazing card, but I'm willing to take the risk of holding just incase)

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