Is this the END of Diamond Dynasty?!

@Red_Ted_is_back said in Is this the END of Diamond Dynasty?!:

Biggest complication would be if you disable purchaseable packs you deny purchase of packs with earned stubs as well as purchased stubs. That would have to be sacrificed.

Yeah, not ideal. SDS is far from predatory when it comes to microtransactions, probably the friendliest sport's title in that regard. It's the FIFA's of the world that have gotten the attention of lawmakers and caused this crackdown.

There are just those games that push it too far. When you have literal chance casino games on the screen, it should have the "simulated gambling" label. (NBA2K) It is a real problem for some kids that lack self-control and their parents just think it's a basketball game. If more companies followed SDS's example, there would not need to be legislation.

Legislation has already stepped in, that’s why no matter what game you’re playing your packs/lootboxes now have odds on them, there is no difference between packs in MLB it’s exactly the same. If the Devs don’t post odds the game must be rated 18+ which would look really silly for a baseball game.

It’s also resulted in much better packs to avoid shame, SDS doubled the odds of a diamond in a standard pack once they needed to visually post them. Y’all still thanking them like they did this but it was legislated and forced upon them. These guys aren’t saints they started souvenirs and said “it’s just a fun thing we’ve added to the game that doesn’t really mean anything”

In EAs words, they are not lootboxes, they are "Surprise Mechanics" and they are "Fun and Ethical " EA makes you pay for just about everything, including level up rewards. MLB the show and SDS give em for free. Packs are just a optional bonus. I had an amazing team this year in MLB the show 19 and didn't spend a dime. Yes I bought packs with my stubs,more than I should lol. EAs packs are outrageous. They charge you mainly real money for the good packs, and charge you tons of coins for the bad packs, like 50k to 100k. MLB the shows packs are quite good compared to EAs and 2Ks.

As much as I love DD. I have to say since it’s rise in popularity I believe wholeheartedly that the gameplay has been dumbed down for everyone to be able to do well- to keep people playing the game.

DD is playable without spending $$, so no.
You can't compare Fifa and MLBTS on that point.

I have the best possible team on DD without spending more than 50 bucks, the equivalent team on FIFA would cost me more than 5000$, at least.

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