What High Rated Players do you SUCK with?


@Cole_m22 said in What High Rated Players do you SUCK with?:

Home Run Derby Giancarlo Stanton can’t hit a straight fastball with him batting .111. Yet with Home Run Derby Cespedes I’m batting .358 with 24 HR

I hit rockets with hrd cespedes it's judge Stanton I can't hit a ball out of the infield with....I can't hit with Sheffield, schmit,killabrew,George Brett, I love Tony gwynn but I fn hate him in this game can't do anything with him


I’m awful with Ryne Sandberg.


Musial hits air for a base hit i just keep him on the bench tho i dont have it in me to put trout, or walker on the bench or ortiz Also kiki hernandez topps now card rakes... hes on my bench too hes won a couple of games for me

I read this post wrong...

I'm awful with posey and Kluber throws meat.


Prime Matt Kemp, can't get anything out of the infield, sure there hard hit's but more times then not there outs.

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