Red Sox Rebuild (Sort Of) A Fictional Franchise Thread.


I have returned. Apparently people enjoyed following my previous franchise threads. (Though some didn't care.) So I've decided to give it one more go. I've been in an out of franchises this year. It was hard to get into it without real baseball. Now that we are back. I am giving it one more go. I love the Red Sox, but let's face it. They are in a rebuild. At least with pitching.

So with this franchise I'm going to make it interesting and challenging on myself.

I have downloaded and tweeked ridinrosters draft version and pending a few things with the SDS official roster update later today. I will either use a hybrid of the 2 or stick with my tweeked roster. More on that tomorrow or Friday.

What I can tell you right now:

  1. I am going to sim the first 102 games of the season and play the final 60. Even though the schedule will be different it's the closest I can mirror the real season.

  2. I will monitor the sim and make sure I am either in 3rd or 4th place after the first 102 games for a long shot comeback.

  3. Before I play the final 60 games. I will make my 26 man roster as realistic as possible (minus any fictional trades I make prior). Yes this will make it extremely hell on myself. No Sale. No Rodriguez until when/if he returns for the season. No McHugh as he opted out (maybe ill use him as a trade chip) but if they are on my roster they will go on the IL on the 23rd of July. I will also live with any fictional injuries that occure in game and try to mirror real injuries that occur over the last 60 games.

  4. I will continue to play/sim and update into 2021 and beyond. Until I pick up a copy of the show 21 at which time I may switch to a video franchise.

I will be starting this later tonight. I will update roster info and more info going into the weekend. Stay tuned.

Happy playing everyone


So I am going to use this roster update as base. However I am going to import the draft picks from each team from the ridinrosters draft version as well as some other player tweaking. I will start my franchise tonight or tomorrow. Updates soon


Hey followers. So the roster is taking a little longer than I thought. Im doing my best to add realistic prospects and draft picks to each team. I will have an update and franchise start in the next day or two. Stay tuned.


Due to a glitch (see my other post) this franchise has been put on hold. More updates hopefully tomorrow.


Well i can't use the roster I build due to a glitch and I don't feel like waiting on SDS to fix it. So im using "RidinRosters Draft Version " as a base. Made a few tweaks and started my chise. Updates starting after I sim the first 102


Simmed the first 102. Here's how franchise looks
Yankees lead the AL east with the Rays in striking distance.

Indians lead AL central with Twins and Whitesox in striking distance.

Rangers lead the AL west with Athletics Astros and Angels in striking distance.

Twins and Rays lead the wild card.

Mets lead the AL east with Braves Nationals and Marlins in striking distance.

Reds lead the AL cebtral with Cubs in striking distance.

Dodgers lead the NL west with no one in striking distance.

No one's eliminated completely yet.

Notable trades. Rangers trade for Josh Bell

Indians trade for Renato Nunez.

So where am I?

I've set myself up for a challenge comeback.

4th in the al east 12 games back. And 7 back in the wild card.

I've also traded Bradley Jr., Workman, Poyner, Centeno, McHugh and prospect McGrath to the Braves. My return Pache and Foltynewicz.

I will now play the final 60. Updates to follow


Cubs trade for whit Merrifield 7/25


Braves trade for Sam Travis
Yankees trade for Jay Bruce


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