Inside Edge in Custom League


Take this garbage out of leagues, I have guys with -8 contact & power because they’re 0-7, 7 ab’s is not a sample size, the SDS developers don’t know [censored] about baseball, give us an option to disable your wretched inside edge in league play.


Um........... you do realize they don't give inside edge based on them being 0-7 for this year.

Inside edge is based on historical matchups against that pitcher and/or that type of pitcher. All you have to do is scroll over to the inside edge thing when viewing the card and you can see how much goes into it.

For example, Arenado's inside edge mentions a ton of at-bats. Here is a quote from it "Arenado is slugging .613 in his last 194 PA's against right-handers with high groundball rates like Richards over the past two seasons"


Inside edge just shows on cards. It doesn’t transfer to custom leagues game

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