Any tips to resolve network error issues?

I’m still getting disconnected at least two times a day even at this time of year. I have wired internet and good speeds? Is this issue on my end? I have my PS4 wired to the router. Would it be better if I had it connected just to a modem? Any tips would be appreciated.

If you are getting disconnected and you get the loss, then it is on your end. I was dealing with the internet service provider for 3 months this year with the same issue, I would actually see the modem reboot. I was finally able to get them to trace down and fix a line problem outside at the utility poles, after filing complaints with the FCC and Better Business Bureau . They found problems and now I have no issues at all on my end.

Did you have issues with other games or just MLB? I have no issues with other games like Madden or 2k. Maybe 1-2 disconnections a year with those games.

Not sure if it helps you but I have had issues when plugged in. Not sure if the signal is disrupted (cord comes from a long way away). I have no issues when on wifi.

your ps4 is likely too hot so the built in network card disconnects temporarily to protect itself. either reposition your ps4 so it can ventilate hot air better and or whatever you can to keep it from getting too hot.

Interesting. I hadn't heard that response yet. Does that happen?

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