Question on playing

To get through the program innings you have to play some online in order to get for example the 30 stars for events or whatever.
My question is, are there people that do not play online and complete the innnings? I’m assuming yes there are, so let me ask how many games do you play a day vs the computer? 2? And then maybe a few on the weekend? Did that complete the innings?

All 300* bosses can be reached via offline-only.

You just have to complete the requisite moments, conquest, and collection.

It's a few games a day plus dailies plus moments......tend to get over a 100-125 stars per week. Mind you I stopped playing in June but I easily beat it out. Moments stack it real quick....with the dailies plus two games a day....that's nearly ten stars a day, 70 per week. So easily doable.

I only play offline and I've got every boss card from 2019. Just complete the daily tasks, any moments you can and the conquest maps. You can also get program stars by playing road to the show because it counts as games played.

I’ve never played conquest and really don’t want to get into it. That being said I’ll play 2 games a night and weekends and that would have gotten me to 300 I believe.

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