2nd times the charm

Who are some players you originally did poorly with? Just to take out and later bring back to find that they played great for you?
I sucked with Johnny Bench originally. I rotated through realmuto, posey, carter, before eventually going back to Bench. Bench is now hitting .450 online for me through about 25ish games

For me it was both SS Frank Thomas & SS Duke Snider. At 1st I couldn't hit anything with them when I 1st got them & I was doing better with some of my Live Series Diamond cards. But I stuck with them because I seen other players killing me when they would use them. Glad I did. I just had to get use to their swing & within the following month they have BEEN AWESOME for me since & has never left my RS Starting Line-Up.

Cards that I got & thought I would play well with, but gave up on after using them in at least 30 games played & they NOT doing ANYTHING were C-Joe Torre, Boss 3B-Miguel Cabrera & Boss RF-Vlad Guerrero. I sold them & never attempted to buy them back. I did however get SS 3B-Cabrera & that card has done "A LOT" better then the Boss reward card.

I am not doing well at all with Mays at all & sadly he is a "No Sell" card. But the Finest Bellinger is BEAST for me. Totally AWESOME

Hornsby and Duke. I was hitting about .220 with Hornsby though 200 ABs and he’s up toward .300 now. I was also horrible with duke to start out with. But now he’s my go-to pinch hitter against righty’s. I think he’s hit a HR in his last 4 pinch hit appearances

It took me a while to get the hang of his stance and swing. Also, against RHP's , I found it's often better to keep the PCI low and in; to better track pitches going away.

Ted Williams. he got off to a brutal start and I hate starting silver defenders so he got the boot quick. I brought him back when I wanted to create an all power outfield and is much better.

SS Lou Gehrig was tough at first for me

Bautista. First 4 ABs, no hr, I was shocked. Next 4, 3hr and a double! I almost sold him too.

@saluki10 said in 2nd times the charm:

SS Lou Gehrig was tough at first for me

same with me. got him sold him. after the patch bought him back and hes been a beast

SS Ernie Banks. I was hitting around .125 with him and took him completely off my squad but had to use him for this event and he has been one of my consistent players for me. I think I just needed to practice at being patient in hitting and working on my own game and now it clicks better with a player who is a great card in stats.

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