The Show 20

This is the last game on the PS4, new consoles come out later this year. Let’s go all out with this years game. Cause why not

I thought that they would continue releasing the future games (MLBTS21, MLBTS22 etc) on PS4 and XBOX One. I could be very wrong though. I would just assume that in order to get the "full next gen experience", one would need to upgrade consoles.

PS2 went up to at least MLB The Show 11, and PS3 went up to at least MLB The Show 16. I think it’s safe to say there will be more games coming out for PS4 after 2020, although I get what you mean.

False. The Show will be on PS4 for years to come b/c the install base of the PS5 won't be enough to sustain the franchise for a few years at least.

Yes I know a couple more years of mlb the show will be on PS4 but this year comes new consoles with more power including the expansion to different platforms next year hopefully.

There will be 2 more shows on the PS4.

PS4 will probably see all the way up to 2023.

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