Is There Any Hope for RTTS?

Hey guys,
This is my first post of the year. I've been playing DD steady since '15 and just got burned out.
In the past few months, I created a SP and 2nd Baseman as a time killer for RTTS to get my moneys worth out of the purchase.
I've heard DD was good this year, but RTTS needs a complete, long overdue overhaul.
NBA2k Career it is not.

First, PLEASE lose the mush-mouth, Country Western narrator. Baseball needs to be attracting young kids, not Nursing Home patients.

Second, turn it into SOME kind of story. The "Personality" trait thing is horrible, and the complete lack of actual dialogue gives the game a bizarre, embarrassing PS2 appeal.

I know these games make their money on micro-transactions. So if that's what it takes to make RTTS fun, do it.
Give players the option to buy houses with batting cages, cool gear, endorsement contracts, a la 2k.

But I know this is a waste of time. SDS is the only baseball game in town, and the game just gets recycled every year (with a few new bells and whistles).
I know I will not be buying the game next year, but not out of anger.
When SDS puts out something with some truly innovative content, I'll be back.

Until then, if you've seen one, you've seen them all.

@ManWithNo_Name_ said in Is There Any Hope for RTTS?:

but RTTS needs a complete, long overdue overhaul.

This is the overhaul, like it or not. They changed the progression and added the cut scenes a few years back and added the personality type more recently.

And I never wanted an NBA style story to my RTTS. In fact I want less cut scenes and less things that take time away from actually playing the game.

I never understand how people “don’t get their money’s worth” out of a video game. You can spend over $100 on a ticket for a 2 hour concert but paying $60 for a video game that you get 100+hours of enjoyment isn’t getting your money’s worth. Anyway rant over. I would like RTTS to be better though as it has been the same for too many years now. I would enjoy a nice RTTS mode as another option to DD

Really disappointed with the stream. I can't say much more than that.

I'm disappointed that they're still going with this bros and friendship gimmick. Nothing has changed in rtts and in MLB The Show 20 they're forcing those gimmicks on us even more. Out of all the suggestions people gave for RTTS they still go with their gut feeling about the player relationships. It's called Road To The "Show". Make our player feel like a star, not feel like a [censored] buddy to teammates. It's corny. I do appreciate them for trying but when all of us told them this player relationship stuff is not it they still transferred this over in MLB The Show 20. SDS at this point should put player relationships and dynamic challenges in the settings to turn off.

RTTS is on the way out. They want to have everyone play DD where they make their money.

Do they though?
or are they just following the perceived interest of games?
the game sells 800k to a million copies, at - 60 bucks minimum that's 50 million minimum in you( or anyone) really believe they are making more than that in stub sales??
selling copies of the game is where they make it,and put their effort,stubs are just gravy

@pogibana said in Is There Any Hope for RTTS?:

RTTS is on the way out. They want to have everyone play DD where they make their money.

Other modes wont be phased out completely, they will always be there, but what is true is they put minimum effort into those modes, and have been for several years now.

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