So I play online every once in a while, I have played baseball most my life and some little things annoy my like a high sinker, I mean that just doesn’t happen but I still love playing this game and after all it’s a game, but I have been doing the team affinity stuff and my pack luck this year is pretty crazy. I got trout in a flash diamond sale and only did that once. But yesterday I opened 45 BIAH packs and got the following: mind you I have Mantle and NO I have spent zero dollars except the initial purchase of the game.

I pulled:

Cole, Degrom x2, Betts, Springer, Morton, Sale and Kershaw

The day before in 15 packs, I got Postseason Bench, Betts, Story and Buehler.

During the Season I got Arenado, Degrom, and Sherzer, Prime Sandoval and many many other low diamonds. I have bought maybe 5 Headliners. Maybe I am being rewarded for buying this game every year it’s every been made but I am making up for all the previous [censored] opening pack seasons.

Not everything is bad in the game!