Ok, gameplay is always number one, but when talking about presentation SDS just a couple requests, 1. Can you stop with the logo flashing before our eyes constantly, it’s nit picking I know but it’s so annoying that fast play is the only resort to stop it, but then you get no celebrations or home run replay’s .... 14-15-16-17 didn’t have this issue, it all started with 18 and 19, and it’s blindingly annoying trying to relax and enjoy a game in franchise mode ... Would be great to have a nice smooth transition into replays not some flashing logo over an over an over that happens way too much... 2. Have the crowd really react to big game situations, I mean erupt like crazy from a game winning home-run or clutch base hit in a big moment, would love to see that evolve and feel more realistic.... Again, gameplay number one, but presentation has its importance...

They also need to have an ability to turn off Heidi, I play with commentary off and just use on Field audio so I don't need her popping up. Also a choice to turn off the annoying no doubt Home run cam, I want to watch the ball travel....I want a little bit of suspense. I think MLB 15 had the options and they took it out.

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