Has SDS ever addressed dashboarding?


In particular counting the stats of no doubt HRs before they land? I know this gets discussed/complained about here all the time, but have they ever actually said they can’t program the game to make these count?

It’s out of hand with all the immature little [censored] [censored] sore losers. Let the ball land. It’s not that tough. I have not dashboarded a single person and I won’t no matter how
Many times it happens to me. It is ridiculous. I can’t understand the mindset of people who do it. The extra 3.5 seconds of your life to do the right thing is too much?

Sorry happened multiple times tonight and the last Grand Slam with Didi stung a bit(8 RBI shy of Prestige).


Trolls. Then they see posts like this, smile and continue to do it.

Don't feed the trolls. Move on man. It's a homerun.


As far as i know, they have never once talked about it. I thought they addressed it when they stopped requiring online stats going from 17 to 18. But here we are again.

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