cards to buy now before the new inning drops?


wondered which cards were good to load up on now? does a new inning tend to mean certain cards go up/down in value? trying to make enough stubs off the market to get Trout (like most people). got 9/15 collections done and at level 60ish diamond, so nearly at the lvl 99 choice packs for the primes I need to get 10/15, but wondered if the new Shark map is likely to have lots of HRD or Topps packs, and if lots of them means the prices are going to rocket or plummet?

Help welcomed. thank you!


Shark map will tank any cards that have packs in the map. If you have anything from Home Run Derby, Players League, Ducks on the Pond, maybe Headliners, I would sell now.

Nothing will necessarily go up. Signature series could go up because they are the inning collection, but most people have enough of those already. Beach Ball pack guys could go up because the pack might leave the store and I doubt that beach ball gets put in the conquest map.


thank you!

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