What happened to 9 inning games?


Why is everything now a moment or 3 inning conquest? What happened to trying to get people to play a 9 inning game? They give basically no reason to do it anymore, it's all moments, conquest, events, etc. There is really nothing making you want to play a 9 inning game anymore.


Siri, what is Ranked Seasons?

In one of the streams for either 18 or 19, they talked about their philosophy of why they offer multiple game types and why they're all different. They wanted to offer 3/6/9 inning games so that no matter how much time you had to play, you could find a mode that you had enough time to engage with.

I'd guess that the behind the scenes metrics are showing they get much more traction with the shorter modes which is why we're seeing more and more of them.

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