Finally a good pack day


Opened Bart headliners today and pulled Degrom, sold him.

Finished the Shark Map this evening and then bought the 75,000 pack thing.

Pulled another Degrom, Rendon, Baez, and Yates as well as some gold with good shots at getting to Diamonds. Didn’t pull any huge things out of the guaranteed packs but ended up walking away with about a 200,000 stub profit.


Same here. Pulled LS Kershaw, LS Castellanos, and LS Rendon from The Show Packs from the Shark Map. I can't complain about the easy stubs for them. Also, pulled HRD Ripken from a pack from the map.


Got Mad Max out of a ballin pack from the conquest reward. Helps me pay for whatever Sig reliever is coming.

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