Moments 20

Has it been established that there are moments in mlb the show 20?

They have not but I hope so as long as they are single game/like 1 part of a couple games

Edit: I also hope we can restart while the play is unfolding instead of waiting

I just want them to remove the RTTS elements. Having to steal a bag from 1st while the CPU has decided that a man on 2nd is a good idea kind of sucks. Waiting in the field to get an assist when the ball is never hit to me...that sucks too.

I just want the game to be consistent. If the cpu never swings at balls or borderline pitches, so be it. If the cpu pitchers throw 70% outside the zone, so be it. I don’t want to feel like somehow the game is doing something new because I am trying to get eight strikeouts with Trevor Bauer, or hit home runs with Bryce Harper.

The goose moments were beyond frustrating. Most of the hitting challenges you have to swing at crappy pitches because the computer doesn’t throw strikes , unlike in the moments prior to this one

I'd like to see them change a lot of the "get x hits" reqs to "get on base x times". Too many of these I end up needing one more hit in the 8th or 9th only to see a four-pitch walk.

If we have moments where you get 3 or 4 games to complete those moments, I would like to jump right into the next game, instead of backing out, then going back into the moments menu.
Also it shouldn't take me 25 at bats to hit a HR on rookie.

No confirmed Moments formlb 20 correct ?Will we know before early access

@Gdawgsfan09 said in Moments 20:

No confirmed Moments formlb 20 correct ?Will we know before early access

Moments confirmed.

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