Diamond Dynasty Jersey Designing Upgrades


I love designing my own jerseys in Diamond Dynasty and I’ve come up with some pretty sweet looking uniforms, but I think that SDS can go even more above and beyond in their variety for designing jerseys. This comes in several additions:

  • Sleeve Logos
  • The majority of MLB teams have sleeve logos and I feel that this would help to recreate people’s favorite jerseys from their teams both current and throwback

*Sleeve Designs

  • Right now it is impossible to recreate some jerseys such as the Baby Blue BKN Dodgers uniform and I think that more varieties of sleeve options as well as more additions to piping for sleeves pants and jerseys would make the jersey designs way cooler

*Name and Number Varieties

  • I think that adding different kinds of Name and Number varieties that look both more cartoonish and realistic will help to create more unique jerseys

If anyone else has any opinions or ideas on this topic please respond I love hearing different peoples opinions. Also, I understand that adding this to the game now will corrupt coding for MLBTS.


@Schri-Guy said in Diamond Dynasty Jersey Designing Upgrades:

Sleeve Logos

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I would use sleeve logos


I was JUST about to start a thread on this VERY thing. The DD uniform customization could really be fleshed out more. In addition to sleeve logos, I also want...

-Number option for both sleeves (not just left sleeve)
-Three colors for numbers (think Tigers road jerseys)
-Option to have the top jersey button undone (i.e. Nick Castellanos)
-Up to 3 colors for a striped belt
-3 colored stripe variants for jersey, jersey sleeves, jersey piping, and pants stripes.
-More name & number fonts.
-Ability to customize what color shoes players wear. Tired of them not wanting to match...

I have a Detroit Tigers team in DD, with their home & road uniforms of the 2000s. The road unis have the numbers being navy on the inside, followed by orange, then white. I can only have navy and orange, currently. As a perfectionist, my inability to be accurate with the current options kills me.

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