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Postseason Masher Moment (or whatever its called where you need 6 Hits 2 XBH in 3 games)

Do these pitchers EVER throw anything remotely close to the zone or should I just skip this one?

I've tried this twice. Both times 12 ABs (4 per game).

Out of those 24 ABs; I've been walked on 4 straight pitches out of the zone 20 flipping times!

The other 4 times; I wouldve been walked; but I swung a pitches hoping to foul them off to extend 3-0 counts!


If this is actually true. Which it sounds a bit exaggerated... Alot actually. but if this is actually true. Just delete the game. It hates you. Lol i beat it 2nd try. And did not have a walking problem.


Had the mission done in the second game, so I cant relate to that. I still cant understand why people will take walks in these. They dont help the mission at all. I swing no matter what, when I get to a 3 ball count.


I agree delete the game I beat it first try no problem.

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