CF Cap is the best if not second best...


balanced build with the right equipment and you have diamond defense, 90+speed, max arm, 85+ reaction, 105+ contact and 85+ power on both sides... easily a great 1-3 bat... im a no money spent so im never going to get mantle but CF cap is a great option. SS probably second best w jimmy out now


Are you new here? You seem new here. Nothing about this post is true, OF is the deepest everyday position in the game year in and year out. SS CAP is the best choice followed by C CAP. You think Jimmy can compete with my switch hitting/diamond fielding/speedster equipped SS CAP who also happens to have 100+ on all Contact/Power attributes from both side of the plate? I think not.

It’s been established for a few years now that SS/C CAP is the best choice.

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