Babe Ruth HOF Moments COMPLETE...Recap


Not sure about everyone else, but it seemed like the Babe Ruth HOF Moments were relatively easy with only moderate difficulty. Here's my recap and thoughts...

AL East 6-4
AL Central 6-0
AL West 7-0
NL East 2-0
NL Central 3-0
NL West 3-1
AL 2-0
NL 2-0
All-Timers 13-5

Most of the shutouts were done by Awards Cory Kluber!! Multiple times they were no-hitters. LS Trout in the #3 spot the majority of the time kicked off the scoring with HRs...He went on a tear with these HOF pitchers!!

Now onto the AS moments against all teams. Got 22 more to go! Thrilled to have Hoffman back in my bullpen!!


I finished on Thursday and had a headache for a day no kidding! He is worth it though! I used him in ranked for the first time and he hit 2 bombs! Worth it for sure. Hoffman is solid as well and that Seaver is really good if you mix in the off speed


Seaver is awesome and I really like Hoffman so far. I think I’ve played about 10ish games with the Babe so far, and he’s hitting over .500 and is averaging a homer per game. He’s awesome.

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