Pack Luck


THIS GAME IS RIGGED!!! I don't know about anybody else, but does anybody EVER pull a diamond? And I don't mean a expensive 90+ OVR player. Just ANY diamond. I have not pulled a diamond in over 200 packs, not just standard packs. (I don't count guaranteed diamond packs, because they are guaranteed) Ballin is a Habit packs are included in that. I've opened like 30 of them, and I haven't gotten a SINGLE diamond.

Is it just me, or is anybody else having the same luck? I think that SDS should make the odds of a diamond in a standard pack lower from 1:50 to something like 1:45 or 1:40.


I've had insane pack luck this year. I've pulled 5 Trouts, all out of standard packs.

I will agree with you on the Ballin' packs though...I don't pull squat out of those.


Standard packs have a 2% chance every time you open one. Ballin packs have a 6.67% chance every time you open one. It is just bad luck if you have opened 200 packs and not gotten a single diamond

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