The Orioles Dilemma


First off, as an orioles fan, this start to the season has been amazing. Hyde is managing the [censored] out of this team. That being said, at 12-9 with 0 even gold players, these guys are gonna get upgrades. They question is tho, who to invest in?

I feel like Alberto is a shoe in for gold status this week or next. Igleseas should also be considered there. Could 100% see santander going silver along with Austin Hayes (even tho he has a brief stint on the DL)

What are yalls orioles thoughts?


Alberto is killing it and has improved each week so, like you said, he should be a shoe-in for Gold this Friday. Santander is killing it, too, as of late, but I could see him staying Silver this week and Gold next week, unless he breaks out even more. Iglesias' name has been coming up and he's already close to Gold so we'll see on him... Overall, Hanser for sure deserves Gold at this point, though!

A few of the lower dudes - Valaika, Severino, & even Dwight Smith Jr. - have also been popping up, and they have decent Stub prices, so I'd maybe add a few of those dudes. Dwight is on the cusp of being Bronze.

It's good to see the Orioles doing well, especially when they beat the Yanks!! 😛 They seem to have a beautiful ballpark that I wish to visit someday. As a Stros fan, I can only support my team and just wade through the haters - but I get it. #ForTheH

Good luck to your Orioles this season!


Best thing about the Orioles: Ben McDonald




I'm waiting for Chris Davis to go gold.

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