So are the Showdown bosses are live players???


This is the first year I've played The Show. Yesterday, I did an AL West Showdown and noticed that Shohei Ohtani was throwing 85 mph and basically pitching as if he was a position player. I wasn't sure exactly why, but I took advantage and played the showdown like 4 times and got my FOF Seager, Correra, Ohtani and Olson!

Today, I went back for more just to get cash and TA packs, and Ohtani was completely unhittable.

Now I'm wondering if it was because the Angels played the Dodgers yesterday and the Giants today? Was it a glitch that they fixed?


AL West Showdown uses FOTF Ohtani. I'm not sure what you encountered but it sounds like a total glitch, maybe they accidentally changed the FOTF Ohtani to RF as well by accident. It's cool you got to gain from it though.


Yeah, weird. And actually, now that I think about it, I had the live RF Ohtani on my team every time except for today. I doubt that was it, but something was screwy for sure. Like you said, I'm glad I was able to take advantage.

Not sure i want to spend the 1000 to try and figure it out because I just can't hit Ohtani well at all without the help.

What about the other guys like Scherzer or deGrom in the NL East showdown. Are they live? Or any non-boss pitchers for that matter... Should I be looking at the schedule to decide when to do a showdown?


"Today, I went back for more just to get cash and TA packs, and Ohtani was completely unhittable."

Where is this cash you are getting? Are we all missing something here?


Ha! Yeah, yeah, yeah... you know what I mean

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